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While the conventional injection therapy uses medicinal chemicals in a large dose at a specific area, the Pharmacopuncture treatment is applied directly at merdian points with the injection of a small dosage of pure herbal extract. It has less gastroentric trouble and works faster than the conventaional njection therapy with orally-administered drugs. As the low-cost and eco-friendly therapy has advantage of use of small doses of herbs, it will soon catch the public attention. Pharmacopuncture treatment is a new therapeutic that can be applied to the meridian points of the entire body, and its dosage, frequency and depth of injection are decided after considering the condition of the patient and the seriousness of the disorder. Moreover, through the injection of a small dose of herbal medicine, the stimulatory effect of acupuncture and the long-lasting result of herbal medicine can be obtained at the same time.
Pharmacopuncture treatment can be used in patients hard to ingest herbal medicine because it is fast and effective. Also, it is effective for treating both diseases with complicated symptoms and incurable diseases.
Administration Info
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Administration Info
Method for Administration
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