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Highly I appreciated your interest in the Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute(KPI).
With the foresight of early leaders, as well as the interest of and the encouragement from Oriental medical doctors and the general public at home, the KPI has made great advances since its foundation in 1990. Thanks to fruitful results, our institute has leaped forward in the world of pharmacopuncture. In Korea, of the about 20,000 Oriental medical doctors, around 5,600 are registered as members in the Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute. Along with all Oriental medicine hospitals and many affiliated clinics in Korea, the KPI and our members are actively doing research on pharmacopuncturology and are seeing remarkable academic and clinical accomplishments.
In 2008, the study of pharmacopuncture entered a new phase with the publication of ‘Pharmacopuncturology,’ which integrated a variety of textbooks and teaching materials, in English and in Chinese. In addition, the Journal of Pharmacopuncture(Jop) and the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies (JAMS) have spurred the continuous spread of ground-breaking research in areas of interest to KPI members. The Journal of Pharmacopuncture has been published as an open access journal focusing on Pharmacopuncturology since 1997. With its English publication from 2012, it is striving to be indexed in major databases for scientific literature. Furthermore, the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies (JAMS), as the first recognized journal in Oriental medical circles in Korea, has taken the initiative in informing the world of the superiority of Oriental medicine, taking advantage of being indexed in Scopus and MedLine (PubMed). In addition, the KPI hosts an annual international symposium titled ‘International Scientific Acupuncture and Meridian Symposium (iSAMS)’ at various locations on every continent. In rotation The symposium iSAMS has cemented relationships in the field by providing not only lectures by world-renown scholars’ but also a platform for information exchange.
The KPI and its members also have been offering voluntary medical service with pharmacopuncture since 2010 through the establishment of the Good Doctors Philanthropy Agency (medical service teams of pharmacopuncture) in order to provide the benefit of our continuous efforts and progress to society. Our medical service teams regularly visit medically-disadvantaged areas to achieve a healthier world through traditional Korean medicine.
Lastly, I would like to say that over the past two decades, we have laid the groundwork for future prosperity through various research and activities. From now on, we will move forward for making globalization, standardization, and modernization of pharmacopuncture. All the members and staffs of the KPI are dedicated to working closely with you our members. We hope to share changes and developments in Oriental medicine with you and to make a place where the best way to move forward can be found.
We all look forward to your attention, encouragement and participation.
Thank you.

  • Ph.D. Ahn Byung-Soo
  • President
  • Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute
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