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Eight Principle Pharmacopuncture (EPP)
Based on the eight-principle differentiation, the Eight-Principle Pharmacopuncture(EPP) can be used to diagnose diseases mainly by using the differences in the syndromes according to the eight principles. Suitable herbal extracts are made according to a formula study, and the herbal extracts are injected at the main meridian points, back-shu points, front-mu points, etc..
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Distillation Pharmacopuncture
Distillation pharmacopuncture is appropriate for allopathic treatment and does not abide by a prescription or the eight-principle diagnosis.
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Meridian Field Pharmacopuncture
Meridian field pharmacopuncture is a method in what herbal extracts are injected at acupoints to treat diseases and to improve the immune function of the human body.
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Animal Pharmacopuncture
Animal pharmacopuncture treats by using objectification and standardization through the extraction of a single agent containing animal protein, such as bee venom, the venom of a large centipede, the toxin of a toad, and the freckle of the placenta.
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Blood and Qi Nursing Pharmacopuncture/Blood Energy Pharmacopuncture
Blood and Qi nursing pharmacopuncture/blood energy pharmacopuncture is a treatment method that makes balance between the body and Qi by promoting vigor(blood energy) without any clogging. It prevents and treats disease. This treatment also restores health.
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Blood Energy Pharmacopuncture
Blood energy pharmacopuncture, a new therapy, maximizes the effects of treatment by injecting a solution of pharmacopuncture intravenously. The pharmacopuncture solution is distilled from raw materials, such as mountain cultivated ginseng or wild ginseng, or from solutions, such as Wang Do, Saeng Maek, etc., by using the method of hyper-undifferentiation and by the pre-existing prescription.
Premium Pharmacopuncture
Premium Pharmacopuncture
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